Natalia Michailidou was born in 1985 in Athens. She studied architecture in ntua, where in November 2010 presented her final project “nomadic n*stallations”. During her studies, her interests also presented a nomadic tendency, from painting to theatre, from cinema to illustration and martial arts, which she studied or practiced in amateur and professional groups. She is currently doing her research project on the notion of nomadism and the various ways it connects with transformable architecture.

Falling is the main project of this page and explores the idea of falling, literary, metaphorically, psychologically, financially, socially, ethically, personally and nationally. It started as a joke about the dark financial welcome of the year 2011, as the worst year of the last three decades. Falling makes the assumption- consistent to the emergent catastrophology – that the world around us is currently in a free fall –or, maybe, not so free. It focuses in the creative potential and the unexpected dynamics that unfold in the meantime of this fall. While playing with the word itself and the various meanings depending on the context, it negotiates the nature of the fall and its possible directions.

The artwork is supposed to be a rapid and spontaneous reaction to each new concept, keeping that way their relation to the original topic relatively loose.

 It is a project currently expressed by a series of markers and watercolours on paper, but through the year it may alter.      

 It is also falling after all